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Generator Safety

Information supplied by Briggs & Stratton: Please note information is intended as a guide, if you are unsure about any aspect of your generator then consult an expert.

Equipment Safety

Use fresh petrol in your generator. If you do not plan to use your generator in 30 days, stabilize the petrol with fuel stabilizer.
Fuel and its vapors are extremely flammable, allow engine to cool at least 2 minutes before refueling.
Maintain your generator according to the maintenance schedule for peak performance and safety.
Coiled cords can get HOT, always uncoil cords and lay them in flat open locations.

Personal Safety

Always read and follow the operator's manual and all operating instructions.
Always run your generator outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
Use a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector when running your generator.
Do not operate the engine near combustible materials.
Place generator on level ground to operate.
When using extension cords, be sure they are grounded, and are a sufficient wire gauge for the application. Heavy Duty outdoor rated cords will handle household appliance loads.
Never plug your generator directly into your house circuit.
If connecting a generator into your home electrical system, have a qualified electrician install an Emergency Manual Power Transfer System.

Generator Usage Tips

Determine what appliances you will be able to run with the wattage guide.
Perform a dry run of your generator to make sure you are familiar of how you will operate it during a power outage.
Keep a flashlight handy to find your way to your generator.
Keep your generator conveniently located.
If your generator is equipped with electric start, keep the battery charged.
Run your generator occasionally to keep the engine well lubricated.
Keep an adequate supply of fresh gasoline and extension cords. Use fuel stabilizer if you plan on extended storage.
Plug in appliances one at a time being careful not to overload the circuits.
Allow your generator to adequately cool-down before storing.
Use a storage cover to keep the generator free of dirt and debris.

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