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Tsurumi Dehydro 2 Flood Prevention Kit

Tsurumi Dehydro 2 Flood Prevention Kit

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ex. VAT: £499.17 inc. VAT: £599.00

1xLS1.4 pump, 1x10m Phase 1 Hose, 1x10m Phase 2 Hose, Flood Sax, Carry Case & Accessories

ex. VAT: £499.17 inc. VAT: £599.00

Quick Overview

  • 1 x LSC1.4 Water Pump
  • 2 x 10 metres 1" hose (Phase 1 & Phase 2)
  • Quick release connectors
  • 10m power cable
  • 70li/min
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Tsurumi Dehydro 2 Flood Prevention Kit Details

A Dehydro is an emergency pumping kit which has a powerful pump, 2x packs of Flood Sax Door and discharge hoses for defending a property from flooding. Depending on which kit is selected, the pump is designed to pump water levels down to a level of between 3mm and 1mm. Hoses are light and easy to position and feature quick connections to enable fast deployment in an emergency. Supplied in a sturdy easy-carry case, there is sufficient space within to not only store the pumping equipment, but keep other flood protection products e.g. emergency grab bags, emergency meals etc.

DEHYDRO 2 Details

Includes 1x LSC1.4, 230 volt submersible pump. This has a 480watt motor, weighs 12kgs (dry) and is supplied with a quick release hose connector, 10 metres of power cable and a plug for immediate use. It will pump approximately 70 litres per minute across 30 metres of level ground, when using 25mm (1”) hose. Initial priming of the pump with water is required before starting, it will pump water down to 1mm and can run dry for long periods (e.g. overnight) without damage. For the full specification of this pump see page 13. Ideal for use with a generator or mains power (when connected and safe to use).

The LSC1.4S or “puddle sucker” is able to pump water down to 1mm, which makes it suitable for pumping large or small areas of nuisance water found on flat surfaces. It incorporates a dual position outlet port, to enable the user to position the outlet hose horizontally or vertically and avoid it kinking. For durability, during robust handling, it has a pressed steel outer casing and a cast aluminium pump stand to offer increased protection of the steel and rubber base plate. A combination of a rubber pump chamber and a urethane vortex impeller enables the design to offer excellent wear resistance in site water applications that contain sand and silt in suspension, thus maintaining performance and reliability. An additional feature is an integral swing check valve to prevent back flow of water from the discharge
hose. Quality is further enhanced with a 403 stainless steel shaft that is fitted with an ultra hardwearing double mechanical seal (inboard: silicon carbide-silicon carbide) – which runs in an oil chamber that has an oil lifter to maintain seal lubrication during operation in any position. This feature, combined with the water and air cooling route to the top outlet, allows the pump to operate for extended periods with little or no water. Used widely by hire outlets, utilities and flood control companies. Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable.


  • 1x Water Pump:  LSC1.4S
  • 1x Phase 1 hose kit: 10 metres of 25mm (1”) non-kink hose c/w quick release connectors - For pumping near the property e.g. over window ledges, steps, walls, FloodSax, sandbags etc.
  • 1x Phase 2 hose kit: 10 metres of 25mm (1”) lay-flat hose c/w quick release connectors - For pumping over flat surfaces e.g. over ground, away from the property.
  • 2x Floodsax Door: 2x door strip FloodSax and 8x FloodSax Regular.
  • 1x Easy carry case: including 1x lid and 2x fastening straps with ABS clips.


  • Model: BPS100
  • Manual: Yes
  • Outlet: 25mm
  • Wattage: 480
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Flow rate:170
  • Head:11m
  • Free passage: 6mm
  • Dimensions (mm): W x196 x H316
  • Weight: 12kg


Free Delivery Yes
Brand Tsurumi
Weight 2.5kg
Warranty 1 year
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